Roger Waters: Us and Him (Season Two, Episode 2)

Roger Waters: Us and Him (Season Two, Episode 2)


In the special episode, Billy talks with Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters. They discuss “lockdown recording at home”, Roger’s special friendship and memories with John, thoughts on the recent political events in the US and “the elephant in the room.” They conclude with a fascinating discussion on humanity and how we are all affected by recent world events. More about Roger Waters: A founder member, lyricist, and principal composer of Pink Floyd during the band’s most influential and creative period, Roger Waters has achieved global success and global renown. Under his guidance, the band made a series of best-selling albums, of which the most successful and iconic are The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall. Waters conceived The Wall as an album, a show, and a film, and it achieved huge success in all 3 incarnations. He has toured extensively, and with Roger Waters The Wall, became the most successful solo artist ever. Waters solo career has been prolific with his highly acclaimed albums and films, his latest being Us + Them (2020). His upcoming tour This Is Not A Drill is scheduled for 2021. Waters powerfully demonstrates that he is at heart, a musical activist and one of the most passionate political commentators of his time.

Prine Time

Prine Time is a monthly podcast hosted by Nashville bluesman deluxe Billy Prine (the younger brother of the late, great John Prine) and roots music producer Michael Dinallo. Prine Time is co-produced by Jonathan E. Mitchell. On Prine Time, we discuss interesting subjects pertaining to music, arts, places, people and things that we have seen and heard. Some we haven’t heard yet. Some we may never hear. But we guarantee you’ll be glad you joined us! We welcome you to get comfortable, grab a refreshment and sit back for the next 30 minutes or so and enjoy a little bit of paradise.

That Bitchin’ Real Estate Show with Kimberly Tocco

SAESON 4: Stories of Overcoming This 80s girl was on cloud nine sitting in studio with my own local legend, the man who brought the music to the Valley of the Sun. Danny Zelisko started his vision of becoming one of the greatest event and concert promoters of all time. A Chicago born son, Danny came to Phoenix in 1974 and changed the face of how we do shows in this gorgeous city. In this session I was able to go back MTV Story Teller style and get into the roots of who Mr Zelisko is, and why he one of the most respected in the business. His origins, the creation of Evening Star Productions and catapulting to the top in his field, to the deeply hidden secret behind the acquisition of his company.  Moments with Brian Piccolo and Ernie Banks, Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper, Bill Compton, James Brown, Motley Crew, Paul McCartney, Billy Idol, Aerosmith and so many more. Come along on this wild ride with the coolest dude I know…ladies and gentlemen, Mr Danny Zelisko.

Kimberly Tocco “TENACIOUS T” brings you the most electrifying Real Estate Podcast to ever hit the internet! This is about having fun and all of the Bithcin people I have met in Real Estate. If you are not laughing, screaming, crying, jumping for joy or curled up drooling in a corner…you are not doing real estate right! Support this podcast:

Behind The Scenes PHiX MAG ARTICLE

Danny Zelisko (third from left) with Mötley Crüe in the late ’80s; Photo courtesy Danny Zelisko

Danny Zelisko’s All Exce$$ goes all out on 50-plus years of concert promoting.  

Music promoter Danny Zelisko’s new book, All Exce$$ (available at, feels as epic as it reads – measuring 11 by 8 ¹/² inches, weighing about 3 lbs. and clocking in at 343 pages, it’s a sonic saga with a scrapbook aesthetic containing hundreds of photos, backstage passes and concert posters, alongside a treasure trove of anecdotes.

Here are a few noteworthy slices.


In March 1973, when Frank Zappa played at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Zelisko took some psychedelic mushrooms and hung out with the drug-free musician. “When I met him, I was pretty high, although I don’t think he knew it,” Zelisko writes. “Unfortunately, he’s passed on so I guess he can’t yell at me about it, now.”


“Perry Farrell and I were hanging around with a friend at the Pointe Resort in Phoenix after a show one night in the late ’80s, and we found ourselves trying to come up with a name for a touring music festival he wanted to produce,” Zelisko writes. “He originally offered to name it ‘Jamboree,’ which I absolutely hated – sounded like a boy scout outing!” The pair went through a long process before picking the moniker Lollapalooza.


Backstage riders sometimes include unusual amenities. Zelisko recounts a few, including Prince’s request to fill his dressing room with $10,000 worth of special flowers from Holland. Van Halen famously demanded bowls of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed. “They did that to make sure the promoter actually read the rider,” Zelisko writes. “If there were brown M&Ms in the bowl, that meant the contract hadn’t been read and they would, at the very least, destroy the dressing room.”

Speaking of destruction, All Exce$$ also includes a scene involving Queen and flying lunch meat, but that’s another story.

Behind the Scenes of Concert Promoter Danny Zelisko’s New Book

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In most markets music fans buying tickets to concerts or attending them likely give very little thought to the person or company promoting the show. In Arizona though, things are very different. For nearly 50-years, concert promoter Danny Zelisko has been presenting shows in metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson, in the old days with Evening Star Productions, a firm he founded, and today with Danny Zelisko Presents. Having promoted thousands of concerts featuring the stars, superstars and up-and-comers of those decades, Zelisko has become part of the very fabric of the ever-evolving Phoenix music scene. More than just a name that’s printed on the ticket, Zelisko is known for his laid back personality, often on display on stage as he announces upcoming concerts before the evening’s show begins, and as he greets members of the audience as he navigates the concert venue. His love of and knowledge of music plays out on a radio show and he can often be spotted in the crowd at Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games, especially when the Chicago Cubs are in town. Now, with the release of his memoir “All Exce$$” fans can get a glimpse at what an exciting life he has led.

The first few chapters of the book are about Zelisko’s youth, spent in the Chicago area, and cover some of his early musical influences and his fondness for baseball and collecting autographs from players. The groundwork for his career as a concert promoter begins when Danny, enamored by the music scene in the Bay Area, moves to Berkeley as a teenager. Wanting to get right into the thick of it quickly, Zelisko bluffs his way into doing roadie work at a Yes show, and after working hard without being questioned, he gets caught while chowing down on a crew meal. Not only did he get caught, he got caught by the show’s promoter, the notorious Bill Graham. After chewing him out a little bit, Graham found out that Zelisko had put in the work, so he let him eat in peace and wished him well. Tellingly, Zelisko had pulled his stunt on the advice of Allman Brothers Band road manager Twiggs Lyndon, and he says that if he had not gone through with it that he might never have broken into the business at all. Amusingly, Zelisko’s first paying gig was an Alice Cooper show in Tucson which was promoted by, you guessed it, Bill Graham. There’s a funny story too about what went on behind the scenes at this show.

After the early stories the book takes readers on a wild roller coaster ride as about a year after the Alice Cooper show Zelisko is now promoting shows on his own. Danny talks about how rough it was breaking into the business but also about some lucky breaks. He talks about how the legendary progressive Phoenix radio station KDKB influenced who he wanted to work with. He talks about his friendship with Kris Kristofferson and the singer’s appearance with Barbra Streisand at the “A Star is Born” concert that was held in Tempe’s Sun Devil Stadium. The rest of the book features a who’s-who of musical greats as Zelisko chronicles working with Chuck Berry, Southern rockers the Outlaws, jazz man Gato Barbieri, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, U2, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Zappa, Bob Seger, Queen, and, well, you get the idea. Zelisko has worked with “everyone.”

There are tales of cocaine, weed and booze, and a chapter on what artists ask to have provided for them backstage that includes an odd but touching memory of Prince, a story about Zelisko playing fixer when Whitney Houston was furious with boxer Mike Tyson, and a story about Rodney Dangerfield’s toaster oven. The book is crammed to the gills with fun reading and photos, most of which have never been seen prior to the book’s publishing. Metal fans will especially appreciate a chapter titled “The Metal Years” with photos of Judas Priest, Megadeth, Ronnie James Dio, Lita Ford, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, KISS, Rob Zombie and many others. An underlying theme of the book is that many of the stars that Zelisko has worked with are in fact good people that he is proud to still call friends today.

The pandemic has taken a toll on live entertainment and Zelisko has been forced to go on hiatus until the virus is under control and when he’ll be able to promote shows again and start racking up more stories. This actually makes the release of “All Exce$$” perfectly-timed; readers will be reminiscing right along with Zelisko while simultaneously looking forward to a time when the music will play once again.

Order “All Exce$$ – Occupation: Concert Promoter” here.$$_-_Occupation-_Concert_Promoter_By_Danny_Zelisko.shtml

Danny Joins Writer’s Ink Podcast!

Retelling True Stories with Concert Promoter Danny Zelisk‪o‬

Legendary concert promoter Danny Zelisko gained experience putting old memories to paper while writing his autobiography, ALL EXCE$$. By working with a ghost writer, orating stories to close friends, and diligently ordering everything chronologically, he was able to make his old stories super detailed and easy to follow. Danny has promoted over 12,000 shows over his 44 years in the business and has worked with music icons like The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Axl Rose, and Carlos Santana, to name a few. To read about his experiences promoting during the Golden Age of concerts, purchase ALL EXCE$$ below.


ALL EXCESS: OCCUPATION – CONCERT PROMOTER is the story about growing up in a Chicago suburb in the 50s and 60s, with his large family. Thru good fortune to have met many of the sports stars in Chicago in that era, he then parlayed his ability to form bonds with some of the biggest athletes on Earth into becoming a concert promoter. Different uniforms, different types of events in almost every way, except one. Both sports and music events are basically the same because it’s about putting butts in seats to enjoy their favourite team or singer or band . With a different type of show they each put on, no 2 games or concerts are ever the same – hitting the ball well or singing that big note in a song that sends the audience to their feet. Meanwhile, Danny thought this to be the best time to write about all the stars and building his business from scratch into a great career as a concert promoter, while sharing over 700 pictures from his vast memorabilia collection. ALL EXCE$$ takes you on a fun journey from growing up in Chicago to moving out west to discover gold as a concert promoter.

Whether you’re traditionally published or indie, writing a good book is only the first step in becoming a successful author. The days of just turning a manuscript into your editor and walking away are gone. If you want to succeed in today’s publishing world, you need to understand every aspect of the business – editing, formatting, marketing, contracts. It all starts with a good book, then the real work begins.

Join international bestselling author J.D. Barker and indie powerhouses, J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon, as they gain unique insight and valuable advice from the most prolific and accomplished authors in the business.

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