Danny joins Nick Terzo on the Radical podcast:

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If you went to a concert sometime in the last thirty years, there’s a good chance super-promoter Danny Zelisko was involved in bringing it to your town. After several years as part of the Live Nation family, Danny decided to return to his independent roots, promoting shows across the Southwest. Flick your Bic and wave it high overhead as Nick and Danny discuss concerts in the time of Covid, Danny’s new book “All Exce$$ – Occupation: Concert Promoter”, and the evolution of the live music industry.

The Radical is a weekly podcast hosted by Nick Terzo reverse-engineering the creative process and pathways to success. In this show, we will take a deep dive into the skills, tactics and experiences of world-class innovators (Music, Film, Architecture, LGBTQ) who have scaled that wall of resistance. If you are stuck creatively or cannot get out of your comfort zone my guests resilience and ingenuity will inspire.