In this episode, we visit with Dr. Andrew Ordon of TV’s “The Doctors”, along with famed concert promoter Danny Zelisko, and yoga instructor/life coach/author Erica Mather.

Dr. Andrew Ordon visits about the new episodes of “The Doctors” that air weekdays. We discuss how the pandemic has affected each of is different ways. He also talks about how mental health is so key right now.

Danny Zelisko visits with us again about the book “ALL EXCE$$ Occupation: Concert Promoter”. We also share about a special signing event to be held online this Thursday. For more information, visit You can also hear his previous visit here

Yoga instructor/speaker/author Erica Mather shares about her book “Your Body, Your Best Friend: End the Confidence-Crushing Pursuit of Unrealistic Beauty Standards and Embrace Your True Power”. She discusses what led her to yoga, and how the pandemic has affected her business model and goals moving forward. Find out more on her website

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