When: July 25th, 2023 at 7:30 PM
Where: Celebrity Theatre
Price: $35, $55 & $85
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JOHN LODGE, legendary bass player, songwriter and vocalist of The Moody Blues and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, has announced that he will be bringing his incredible new show “Performs Days of Future Passed” to the Mid-West and West Coast of the USA in July.

JOHN, together with his 10,000 Light Years Band, will perform The Moody Blues’ groundbreaking album, Days of Future Passed, in its entirety with a special recording by the late Graeme Edge and performances by Jon Davison of YES.

John is delighted to be able to continue bringing this show, the soundtrack of his life, to fans across America, and the electrifying show promises to be a truly spectacular evening.

“In the Moodies I always wanted to bring our ‘Days of Future Passed’ show to the fans across America, and in February and March of this year, I brought the show to the NE and Florida.  I’m both delighted and humbled at how the fans embraced the show, and really happy to now announce that I will be bringing the show to the Mid-West and West Coast.  It’s so very special to me to have Graeme’s voice on stage with me, and I’m grateful to Jon Davison who does such an incredible job on ‘Nights’ and ‘Tuesday Afternoon’.  To me the Moodies were always about the different writers and vocalists, and I’m so proud to be able to continue to do this with Jon and my 10,000 Light Years Band.  As I said at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this album changed our lives forever, but it’s the fans that matter and I am so glad that we can continue to keep the Moody Blues music alive for them.”

Celebrity Theatre

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