Updated: August 18, 2022

Wonderful memories of Bill Compton and how he shaped early radio in Phoenix. Check out this awesome article from Ed Masley at AZ Central: https://bit.ly/3Qr7vgU

To Zelisko, what Compton accomplished at KDKB is the gold standard to which every other station should aspire.

“They brought greatness to the masses without considering ‘Is this a million-selling album or not?'” he says. 

“It didn’t matter. Did it fit the set? Was it entertaining to the audience in a way that made that audience come back again and again? And the answer was always ‘Yes.'”

Don’t miss our show(s) with Dave Mason, Al Stewart and Tom Rush! November 19th at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix and November 20 at Linda Ronstadt Music Hall in Tucson!

“I have been working with these amazing musicians for many years. At last, we were able to put together a show featuring all 3 great talents on one show, in the spirit of the old KDKB as Bill Compton would have it!” -Danny